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Our caviar arrives in its pure state, in its original box on a bed of ice to preserve its freshness. Place a mother-of-pearl spoon with caviar in your mouth and let the grains roll and burst against your palate. It is exquisite.


On its own, caviar is divine, but it can also be served on blinis or potato. To accompany this delicacy, pair with extra brut champagne, dry white wine, icy cold vodka or even with specific dry beers.



The know how passed from generation to generation PRODUCTION PROCESS

By certifying its farms and maintaining the same quality requirements as with wild caviar, Gourmet House Caviar is building its stellar reputation all over the world. Our company’s excellence has been unchallenged for 50 years. With many years of research and experience, experts from the Shilat organisation are responsible for the entire process, from resource protection to rehabilitation of existing population, development of the environment for farming, as well as the production process.


Gourmet house Caviar gives its sturgeons the time necessary to produce the best caviar possible. Our farms are equipped with the most technologically advanced system in the world, allowing us the ability to simulate the sturgeon’s natural environment.



In a strictly hygienic and refrigerated environment, the “gonads” (membrane containing eggs) are collected and sieved to carefully remove the eggs. The eggs are sorted according to their size and color. Then comes the salting, supervised by one of the most famous caviar masters, Mr. Toufani. For the final stage,the caviar is packed in mother tins. By merging innovation and tradition, mastering the complete process of production, guaranteeing the highest quality, availability and palatability.


Our sourcing consist of the highest quality raw materials and ingredients. We continue this throughout our food safety systems, by following HACCP guidelines and performing regular and consistent quality checks.


Due to the delicacy of the product, it is important to keep it refrigerated at all times. Upon your order, the products are carefully packed in cooler bags or Styrofoam boxes with gel ice packs.